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Company Name: 
Shing Woei Hardware Co., Ltd. 
(Jinjie Enterprise.)

Taiwan, New Taipei
Address: New Taipei,Taiwan

Zip/Post Code: 248

Tel: 886-2-2-22952216

Fax: 886-2-22934366

Contact Person: Mr.yu

Job Title: Business Manager

Cell Phone: 886-928240665
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Shing Woei Hardware Co., Ltd. (Jinjie Enterprise.)

Shing-Woei Hardware Co., Ltd. - a professional wire manufacturing factory, a line of various materials Special wire for screws, special wire for spring, special wire for hook and loop: iron wire, copper wire, steel wire, stainless steel Wire, galvanized wire, nickel plated wire; profiled wire, SUP wire, screw wire, screw white iron wire, screw copper wire, screw Wire stainless steel wire, alloy steel screw wire, medium carbon steel screw wire, spring special white iron wire, spring special Use iron wire, spring special copper wire, spring special stainless steel wire, hook ring special white iron wire, hook ring Special copper wire for iron wire, hook and loop, special stainless steel wire for hook and loop, screw copper wire 626, white iron wire CHQS, screw line CHQ6A, screw line CHQ8A, screw line 1022, screw line 1018, boron steel screw Line 10B21, Hegang screw line 435, Hegang screw line 420, Medium carbon steel screw line 35ACR, Zhongtan Steel screw wire 40ACR and so on....... All products have undergone rigorous testing and can be customized according to customer needs. We are professional material lines. Manufacturing factory, please call us!

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